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The penultimate episode of Makai Ouji is here, bringing with it Solomon’s rebirth.  What will happen to William now?

To backtrack a bit, I’d like to briefly discuss the four Kings of Hell.  We get to see a lot more of them than we have in virtually any episode up to this point.  I would have liked to see more of them throughout this series, as they offer quite interesting viewpoints on a lot of events that have transpired, as well as future events.  I especially like the interactions they have with their chosen candidates for interim ruler.  It’s interesting to see their different approaches to their candidates: Baalberith treats Sytry as a pawn, a doll; Beelzebub almost seems to defer to Camio sometimes; and Astaroth seems to see Dantalion as a near-equal.

It’s interesting that William putting on the ring affects Kevin/Uriel so much, especially given the obvious physical distance between them at the time it occurs.  Uriel is in Heaven at the time, while William is in Hell.  One must wonder why there is such a strong connection between them.  Further backstory on Uriel’s relationship with Solomon would definitely be nice.

In a strange turn of events, it seems that Dantalion cares more about William retaining his own personality than being “reborn” as Solomon.  That was definitely unexpected, given how he’s constantly thinking back (fondly) on his time with Solomon, obviously missing Solomon the majority of the time.  On top of that, how should we react to Solomon’s last words in this episode?  “And who are you?” seems to imply that he doesn’t remember Dantalion (which would sort of be the nail in the coffin for Dantalion, who has said multiple times in this series that he only wants William to acknowledge him).

It looks like the next episode will give us some more backstory regarding Solomon and Dantalion.  But it’s unclear whether or not the plot will actually be wrapped up—that is, will Solomon choose an interim ruler of Hell?  Will William be lost, his soul replaced by Solomon’s?  What will happen with Uriel and Michael?  The next (and final) episode of Makai Ouji promises to be, if nothing else, interesting!

Makai Ouji Episode 12 Preview

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