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Dantalion holds his own against Michael himself in this episode of Makai Ouji.  If Michael is more powerful than Lucifer, does that mean Dantalion is more powerful than Lucifer, too?

Holy crap, Michael is a jerk.  (And yes, pun completely intended.)  I always find it so amusing when angels turn out to be morally worse than demons in anime (which seriously happens a lot).  He’s not just a jerk to the people he probably should be, a.k.a. the demons, but to pretty much everyone.  He treats Kevin/Uriel like crap, which leads one to wonder what exactly Uriel could have done to make Michael so mad.  On top of that, I’m pretty sure angels shouldn’t have as much of a God complex as Michael does.  Something tells me angels with God complexes usually get punished or something.  In fact, didn’t Michael punish someone for thinking he was better than God? *cough*Lucifer*cough*

So, Michael says he wants to give William “ecstasy,” and both Astaroth and Baalberith hint at what it is.  In case someone out there didn’t quite get it, religious ecstasy generally involves visions or hearing the voice of God.  This is usually accompanied by emotional (and sometimes physical) euphoria.  Prophets and saints are often considered to have experienced religious ecstasy.  Astaroth seems to be under the impression that if Michael were to give William “ecstasy,” William would cease to be himself and would become nothing more than a pawn of Heaven (which prophets and saints kind of are, if you think about it).

We get a hint at a bit about Gilles de Rais’s past, basically that the girl he loved (remember in the first episode when Dantalion mentioned something about her?) was probably Joan of Arc.  I’m sure we’ll get more on that later.  At least, I hope so.  It would definitely be an interesting anecdote.

What I’m really hoping for, though, is more on Dantalion’s past, specifically from when he was human.  There have been several occasions when other characters have brought up how cruel and monstrous he was as a human, so it only makes sense to assume that specific information will be introduced eventually.  That, and more specific information about Solomon’s past would be nice, like how and why William is the “bearer of his soul”.  I’m sure we’ll get that.  Sooner or later.

Makai Ouji Episode 9 Preview

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