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For some Little Busters! is the most anticipated anime of the Fall 2012 season, for me not so much. That didn't stop me from enjoying this episode a little bit.

Key's Visual Novels are quite famous, to the point that one studio has adapted 3 of them into anime (KyoAni) and P.A. Works have also had a go at adapting one of their Visual Novels. Having never been a fan of the VN, I never get excited for any of their anime adaptations but even I make an exception for Key. Maybe it's their reputation, maybe it's my need for emotional turmoil or maybe its because I'm bored and waiting for Bakuman to get subbed.

J.C. Staff's Little Busters! feels a lot like P.A. Works' Angel Beats! There is ample comedy arising from the interactions of the group of friends, there are certain similarities in the plot and of course following the Key norm there will be very dramatic developments down the line.

The first episode introduced us to the main cast in a humorous way that made me smile but not laugh. The humour was about as childish as you can get when high school kids are involved but it had a certain charm to it. An outcome that's expected is that I'm already fond of the resident idiot and the only girl currently in the Little Busters crew because she too is an idiot.

That was basically it for most of the episode. Other times when Little Busters wasn't making jokes it had little helpings of serious moments being served sporadically, kind of like drops of wisdom being sprinkled all over. The drama is bog-standard Key drama, that will build up over time and eventually erupt like a volcano.

Since it's 3 AM where I live and I'm too tired to write more about a series that I don't plan to blog I'll finish of the review with one last paragraph. J.C: Staff pulled off a decent job with the first episode, so if you're a Key x KyoAni die-hard fan don't worry too much and give the series a shot.

I'll be watching this series lazily.