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This is the definition of an episode you would love to watch when hungover.

Almost like a serenade, the episode went along swimmingly and at times made me want to close my eyes. An auditory pleasure as well visual, this was perhaps the most easygoing and pleasant episode of the ONA series. Unlike some of the other episodes, this one flowed perfectly and was easier to understand.

As I see it, Koto was consumated by the Black Rabbit Koto and the mysterious monk that created the world of Kyousogiga. The concept itself was a little confusing but at least the narration of the episode was as clear as day and that's what mattered. It was just a lovely watch and as I mentioned, in a hungover state it was just what I needed.

Series Review

With only 5 episodes of varying short lengths, Kyousogiga was already at a disadvantage. It's not an easy task to stand out with so little, but the series did just that.

The shorter length of the episodes and the different style each one had made it memorable. Unlike the 2011 webisode, this 5 episode ONA series was a much more enjoyable and delightful experience. In the end, not knowing so much about the story wasn't a bad thing at all.

Kyousogiga was definitely style over substance. Anime like these tend to take an over-used or familiar setting and make it something better with fantastic art direction and animation. A part of me does think that the story could have been interesting on it's own but when you consider how little time we had, the choice of direction was fine the way it was.

Looking back at this year's OVA/ONA offerings, I can confidently state that Kyousogiga was one of the best. If we're not counting OVA/ONA's of anime series, it was the best.