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It's that time again for a short 5-6 minutes of the frantic Kyousogiga.

Much like the the last two times, we get something new. Not new in the sense of story or animation but new direction for this episode. This time the episode is shown through the perspective of the cameraman, in an almost documentary style of presentation and feel.

The main cast was present. Koto had a more prominent role this time round and Shouko was also more present. Personally, when I saw Shouko and her white suit cronies, I couldn't help but smile - especially when they took out the ladder from the car. The surprising character of the bunch was Douji, who can apparently turn into quite the beast.

As to what was going on this episode, your guess is as good as mine. Kyousogiga just doesn't do anything with coherency and just focuses on the art. What can you honestly expect with just 6 minutes per episode All I gathered was that another quirky characteristic of the modern-day city had been shown and of course not explained. Something that's not needed floating away There could actually be an interesting story there.

So three episodes in and we have close to no idea what's going on. So why keep watching it Well for one it's short and requires a minimal effort to sit through and because I'm actually enjoying the change in art style from episode to episode. In a way, Kyousogiga's short episodes are the perfect platform for trying something new each episode.

Should there be a story Well if K can get away with not having a story in most of its episode, then so can Kyousogiga. The disjointed nature of storytelling is intriguing. Something akin to a story is being created, and it somehow works. You still don't fully comprehend, though it's okay.