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And so the first episode of the 5 part Kyousogiga ONA begins! After watching this, I'm sure I'm going to be enjoying the rest a hell of a lot more than its 2011 single episode.

The first episode of Kyousogiga that aired back in 2011 would be best described as a hot mess. Instantly we were thrown into this interesting world which wasn't explained once in the 25 minute OVA and to make things more confusing, the animation style used was FLCL's but lacked any outstanding eye-popping moments and instead further muddled the story.

This years first started off the story in a much better fashion. It's great to see this episode doing what its predecessor failed to do: properly start narrating the story.

In just 10 minutes the contents of the episode acted as something resembling a prequel to the 2011 Kyousogiga episode. We get to see a child Koto prancing about and being up to her usual antics with her guardian the masked fox watching over her. What I really liked was how it focused on the bonding between her and the man with the fox mask; we didn't see much of this in the first episode. There's not much else that happened but it didn't leave me feeling dissatisfied.

We don't learn all that much about what's going on but it's a good start. Of course if you've seen the first ever episode this would make more sense to you but even without seeing you could still enjoy it. I'm willing to bet that those of you who haven't seen the first episode would have enjoyed the mystery behind this all, and speaking as someone who did watch the first episode, I too enjoyed the mystery.

The mystery feel of the episode definitely felt like it was aided by the artistic style of the animation. The animation wasn't all that different, but the minor changes gave this episode a different feel to it. I thought the animation was a step up and hopefully this style will be employed for the rest of episode as it works a lot better than the one-off ONA episode.

Next Episode of Kyousogiga

Ok, so the release date for the other episodes is random with this being an ONA and all. Next episode will be on October 27th and should be subbed a few days later.