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This episode of Kyokai no Kanata focuses on Sakura Inami and her relationship with Mirai.

It’s nice that we’re finally seeing more about Sakura.  I think she might be a little bit jealous of the fact that Mirai was so close with her sister Yui on top of the fact that she blames Mirai for Yui’s death.  This is definitely hinted at throughout the episode, although never explicitly confirmed or denied.

Akihito is a really nice guy, taking Sakura in after she passes out from fighting the youmu.  What’s really interesting is that the weapon she uses is dangerous not only to the youmu she fights but also to her.  It draws on her own energy, and is difficult for her to use since she doesn’t have any special powers like normal Spirit World Warriors do.  On top of that, the weapon itself becomes stronger as it consumes youmu.  This, in turn, requires more and more energy from the wielder in order to use it.

Miroku Fujima makes another appearance in this episode as a potentially more sinister character than he first appeared.  Recall that Miroku is an interrogation officer from the Spirit World Warrior’s Observation Department and first showed up in episode 3.  He’s apparently the one who originally gave the weapon to Sakura, and potentially the one who put the idea of killing Mirai in her head in the first place.  All we know for sure about what he’s up to at this point is that he wanted the weapon to consume a bunch of youmu, and he intends to retrieve the stone that holds the Hollow Shadow.  Why he wants these things, though, has yet to be revealed.

I wasn’t expecting things with Sakura to get resolved this early!  It would make sense, though, as having Sakura and Mirai at the same school could cause a lot of problems if they had to constantly interact.  I suppose, too, given that Miroku seems to be the main villain (or, at the very least, associated with whoever the main villain is), it would make sense to resolve smaller disputes, though.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Calm is and what the Beyond the Boundary is, as well.

Kyokai no Kanata Episode 8 Preview

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