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A festival episode takes a step back from the dark fantasy aspects of Kyokai no Kanata to focus instead on the slice-of-life aspects.

This shift in focus allows for a great deal of character development and backstory for various characters.  Mirai begins opening up a bit more, even agreeing to join the Literary Club.  The scene where Hiromi and Akihito talk about Mirai’s cuteness in regard to their respective fetishes is kind of adorable.

It’s a wonder that Hiromi and Akihito are so close when Akihito apparently attacked Hiromi in the past.  Was that what the flashback of Akihito with bloody hands a couple episodes ago was about?  Or did he actually kill someone that we don’t know about yet?  On top of that, it would be nice to find out exactly how Akihito became acquainted with the Nase family in the first place.

Mitsuki’s feelings and actions are contextualized quite a bit in this episode, especially her coldness toward others.  It seems that her older sister Izumi told her while she was growing up that Spirit World Warriors are always alone as long as they fight youmu.  Statements like this really make me want to know more about Izumi (as if the end of the last episode didn’t anyway).  What could have happened in her past to make her so cynical?

Despite this upbringing by her older sister, Mitsuki seems to be opening up to the possibility of friendship with Mirai.  Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that Mirai’s new easygoing attitude and implicit offers of friendship make Mitsuki realize that Spirit World Warriors don’t have to be alone.  This can easily, of course, translate into a real-life lesson: no one has to be alone.  Because of this realization, Mitsuki is able to attend the lantern festival that she has always wanted to attend, and with a group of friends to boot.

Kyokai no Kanata Episode 6 Preview

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