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In the latest episode of Kuroko no Basket, Kuroko unveils his perfected Vanishing Drive!

Kuroko vs. Midorima, who’s going to win?  I love the fact that everyone is so surprised that Kuroko caught the ball, that he actually has the ball.  It’s just so interesting to see them freaking out that he’s working offensively other than passing.  Shutoku has absolutely no idea what he’s going to do, but they’re all freaking out about it anyway.  It just goes to show how useful uncertainty can be as a weapon.

And they definitely have reason to be worried, because Kuroko’s Vanishing Drive is pretty amazing.  It takes everyone by surprise, including Takao!  That means it’s definitely a useful skill.  If Takao’s Hawk’s Eye couldn’t see it, there may be no stopping it.  Maybe I was wrong.  Maybe Seirin will win this game.

Kuroko uses his drive three times in this episode and no one can stop it.  No one can even tell how it works.  This is a super useful move!  I wonder if they’re ever going to explain how it works.  I mean, I suppose they wouldn’t have to.  It’s not like they explain how Midorima can make every single shot he attempts, or how Kise is able to copy and improve upon every move he sees, or how Aomine is as good as he is.

Another first in this episode is the very first foul in Kuroko no Basket.  I love this so much: Midorima tries to block and ends up fouling.  But at the same time, it sucks that Kiyoshi’s knees are clearly still giving him trouble.  Does that mean he won’t be able to play anymore?  It’s either that or he keeps playing and potentially ruin his knees forever.  I wouldn’t want that to happen to the Iron Heart.

And of course this episode would end on a cliffhanger.  Will Kagami make the shot?  Will Midorima block it?  Will Seirin win, or will the game go into overtime?  Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

Kuroko no Basket Episode 32 Preview

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