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Whilst Sasami-san didn't do it for me, Kotoura-san did.

One of the most overlooked series this season, Kotoura-san boasts a decent staff. A renowned comedy director (Masahiko Ohta), an underrated studio fresh of a strong 2012 performance (AIC) and a a good set of voice actors to round it out.

I'm keeping this review short because I'll be blogging this series episodically over at Anime Audio Log, but before I do that I wanted to give this series it's fair due for my regular readers. This series has the potential to the be the sleeper hit of the harsh winter season.

Out of all the first episodes of the new season, this was one of my two clear favourites. To say it exceeded my expectations would be slight understatement, because the first part of the episode had a huge shock factor to it that was then followed by a better version of what I was expecting.

What it did after the shock factor, it did well. It was hardly a flawless first episode, but it was most definitely a great episode - the poor quality of the season doesn't have anything to do with it.