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Just for the record, this isn't my official first impressions review.  Consider it like the niconico broadcast of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi - a quick overview, with not enough clarity.

Without going into specifics, I'm glad that watching the first episode in low quality did not diminish my hope for Kamisama no Inai's success.  In a year where MADHOUSE has been very impressive, their summer offering is of to a positive start.  An interesting, softer type of start that I haven't really seen from the studio.

Again, I remind you this was a low quality fansub and as such I can't comment in full about the animation.  From what I can tell, it looked good and created a nice atmosphere which was then accompanied by a delightful yet ominous soundtrack.  Before passing full judgement at the weekend - TV releases are on Saturday's - I'd say all is good on the aesthetic front.

Story-wise, things also look interesting.  The setting is quite interesting and the characters aren't half-bad either, so this won't be just a eye-candy deal.  I'll go into more detail when the time comes, since there is plenty to discuss about the plot.

Now for the real purpose of this post: asking you the readers how I should blog this series.  You may have missed the poll on the side, but feel free to vote now or leave a comment as to how you would prefer my Kamisama no Inai posts to be scheduled and if high quality screen caps are of much importance to you.  Damn niconico for not helping with its poor quality content.