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"This episode we have two stories." Wait, hasn't Kamisamam Hajimemashita always done that

Whether it has or not, I quite liked this episode. Actually, I really liked it. Surprising how even the serious part of the episode was enjoyable to watch.

For me, this flashback was the best one so far. It was to the point and actually showed us a part of Tomoe's past that plays a big role in his character today as a familiar. Unlike other flashbacks, we're not left confused about how much more we're going to learn about Tomoe. Yes he does have an extensive past, but in this episode we got a concise look at a particular segment.

Mikage and Tomoe's past does explain a lot. On some level Tomoe was saved and so seeing him being put on the right path was refreshing. It wasn't much but it was a nice 10 minutes.

Then came all that craziness that I love.

The second part of the episode was all about the comedy or as I like to think, the reason I watch Kamisama Hajimemashita. The members of the reverse harem are truly some of the best I've seen in shojo romances and their presence is the ray of sunshine that can only be created with comedy.

I'm still not sold on Kamisama Hajimemashita as a romance series. The romance is something I kind of put up with don't mind but at the end of the day, I forget about it. Romance elements in Kamisama Hajimemashita don't necessarily detract from my enjoyment, rather they don't add anything. If we were to cut out the romance, I'd like the series just as much.

Even though I don't love the romance, we finally have some progress! Tomoe and Nanami have gotten to the stage of like each other and knowing this fact, so the romance can finally take over. With only 3 episodes left, there's bound to be more focus on the romance. We do need a conclusion, so I won't object.