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This episode puts the moe in Tomoe. You gotta love Kamisama Hajimemashita for going there.

Adorable and heart-warming are the best words to describe this episode. As usual there really isn't much to speak of in terms of plot, but plot doesn't really matter when we're talking about Kamisamam Hajimemashita. Usually fans of moe would rather see someone like Nanami in the moe situation, but given the situation I think people should let it slide.

Aside from the adorableness of seeing Tomoe as a little fox demon, there was a serious point to the episode: building up the relationship between Tomoe and Nanami. One of the more serious elements of the series is the developing relationship between Tomoe and Nanami, which at times has been made to feel more serious by Tomoe during his thoughts.

I'm still not sold on Kamisama Hajimemashita as a romantic comedy, mainly because Tomoe and Nanami's relationship is being developed as one between two abandoned individuals who are now taking care of each other. That's not to say that the romance won't ensue in future episodes but for me it's not a selling point. The relationship really does resemble the one in Inu x Boku SS and you can almost guess what kind of romantic ending will conclude the series.

Being more episodic than the other shojo series this season, there is a fun element to the series revolving around the rather large cast. Characters like Narukami are some of the one-hit wonders that show up and leave, which is fine and they might appear again. Then there are those characters like Kurama who provide a few laughs and form the reverse harem crew of characters.

With the way that Kurama was in this chapter, you can draw the conclusion that the other male demons aren't there for anything more than comedy and not romance. Not being a fan of reverse harems, there is a certain appeal to me with this and it goes better with the story of Nanami becoming a deity as opposed to her being surrounded by a gaggle of pretty boy ayakashi.

There does seem to be more in stock in terms of plot as was hinted with this episode. Those unknown male demons looking at Nanami like vultures will probably show up and undoubtedly force Tomoe to act in a prince-like manner. Predictable and formulaic it is, but that's just what the anime is focusing on.