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As the K anime project wraps up, I feel somewhat disappointed with it.

This episode was probably the best episode of the series. Somehow I was made to care about all those characters that I didn't really know, especially the two kings that passed away. It's bizarre how much I care for these characters, considering how little I was invested in most of them.

There was a beauty to the way that the King's resolved the fight. Hardly comparable to the King's debate of Fate/zero, but nevertheless there was everything you would expect from a king - modern-day or otherwise. Mikoto and Reishi's relationship was the cherry on top of this sad event, and Shiro/Weismann's sacrifice didn't go unnoticed.

In the end, it was all about the respect those kings had for each other that allowed for the sacrifice and those last moments Mikoto had were emotional. He was my favourite character, who in hindsight was always going to die, so I'm glad it was handled as well as this. A part of me wanted to chant the HOMRA battle shout with the rest of those brats! Shiro and Kuro's moment was also quite touching; a formal declaration usually has that effect.

For a final episode, it was kind of conclusive. There is still much we don't know about the world in which the K anime project took place or some of the characters, so it only makes sense that a sequel was announced right after this episode aired. At this point I don't know if this is good or bad news, but I'll be sure to comment during the appropriate season preview. Hopefully we'll get to learn more about all of that when the sequel airs.

All that grief the K anime project put me through was partially redeemed by this episode.

Series Review

For the most part, the K anime project was something only to be seen and not heard. Think of the anime version of the dumb hot blond girl you want to stare at but don't want to hear and that's the K anime project.

Fantastic animation, an equally brilliant soundtrack but severe problems with the script and general series composition. The writing and pacing of this series were the anchors that almost sunk this series, which for an original anime is laughable; you have to write a script for a certain number of episodes instead of condensing existing source material! How hard can that actually be

Even with its big shortcomings in the story department, it did have its moments. There were times when I actually enjoyed the direction in which the story was heading and the execution of it. K's general plot is an interesting one, but it was never fully utilised.

13 episodes is too short for it was trying to do, which was too much. The series needed to step back and adopt the less is more approach. Maybe it was because a second season was already planned If it was then I sincerely hope that the second season fully exploits the potential which the K anime project has.