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I often wonder if the K anime project has a plan. This episode doesn't help.

Normally an episode like this, wouldn't be used for an anime with only 13 episodes. Especially not for anime ending in three episodes.

Almost accomplishing nothing, this episode went by without anything really happening. We found out that Mikoto and Reisi used to be friends, almost like Yata and Fushimi but with less hostility. Their exchange whilst natural and easy to watch, only revealed Mikoto's poor health which has been hinted at for quite some time.

Putting that aside, there was a sense build up in this episode. Those HOMRA brats and Sceptre 4 are bound to clash and create havoc in their wake. That'll probably be the highlight of K anime project, and not the mystery surrounding Shiro and the Colourless King.

Speaking of Shiro & Co. I keep forgetting about them. This late in the series to not remember a main character poses some problems; how can you have an anime without a memorable main character I keep thinking about the Blue and Red King more than I do about Shiro, which shows how bland the mystery aspect of the K anime project has been.

This episode set the stage for something. Be it a fight, mystery resolution or god knows what else, we're heading somewhere to tie everything together. From the smaller details like Seri and Izumo plotting to the more obvious denial of surrender from Mikoto. How the mystery will be solved is the concern.

Honestly, I don't know if the mystery will be solved well. One of the drawbacks of such an extensive cast is there not being enough time to give everyone focus. Unfortunately the K anime project didn't plan this out well enough and as a result, time is very limited with the remaining three episodes.

Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst.