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Finally! This was one of those moments which I was waiting for from the K anime project. Definitely my favourite episode so far.

By all counts (bar one), this episode was not good. First off we had the historic flashback sequence that took up a good 5-6 minutes of the episode and that was followed by some very slow-paced progress in the plot. If it wasn't for the last part of the episode, I wouldn't even remember what happened. Still, that ending made me very happy.

Before we get to that, let's talk about the rest of the episode. The historic flashback wasn't bad per say, but rather another poor choice for the K anime project. Only 13 episodes means that this series has less time to get everything together and that flashback took too much time and explained nothing. All we learnt was the Silver King's origins and what the Gold King looks like.

There was also that school scene......quite undefinable. For the most part, it was very hard to understand and almost questionable. Yet again, had it not been for the end this part of the episode would have made zero sense. It's just amazing how much the ending pulled everything together.

Well....it didn't pull all the plot points of the episode together but it did make it memorable. We've finally progressed a little more with the mystery behind the murder but more importantly, we see the return of Mikoto. Now I'm not one for the flashy, but that entrance was brilliant. He exudes power and calmness that just showed as he was taking down Sceptre 4 like their nothing.

It was always a little fishy as to why Mikoto went into custody, and now we know. His re-entrance was a fantastic display on animation and swagger that make smile ear to ear. That was the only moment for that episode! Seriously. Everything else (more or less) was forgettable.

The K anime project hasn't stepped out of box with this episode, but boy did I love it. Actually, Mikoto was the one character I was waiting to contribute to the K anime storyline. Looks like he's getting more screen time!