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Hey look the K anime project isn't all aesthetics! This was a very good episode just for plot.

I may misconstrued the ending of last episode being the unexpected involvement of Kukuri in this whole mystery. Boy was I wrong. It seems like the mystery really has developed into something more interesting and the flashback definitely helped in understanding K's entire premise.

As flashback sequences go, this episode was an entertaining watch in just the right way. A decent mixture of background information on the Red King Mikoto and the build-up to the actual crime occurring was just right. Now we finally understand why the HOMRA brats are running around frantically and looking for Totsuka's murderer. I still would like to know more about the Kings and specifically, more about Mikoto but this was a good start.

Shiro and Kuro's roles this episode were lessened and it was all about Mikoto and the HOMRA brats. Pretty standard procedure for K to alternate focus between the two or three groups who make up the main cast. We also get some more screen time for Izumo, one of the more quiet characters. I don't know why - must be the Heiwajima Shizuo resemblance - but I want to see more of him, even though I understand his role being one of support more than anything.

The mystery also took a much bigger and much needed step forward. Now it feels like a mystery genuinely exists in this series as opposed to a "mystery" being advanced at the end of each episode. It's was a drastic move for sure making Shiro's character disappear so to speak. Now there is opportunity for the K anime project to venture into something the mystery genre with more ability and potential.

This episode shows significant improvement for the K anime project. The mystery is finally settled into something substantial and from here on, it could turn into something truly interesting.