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Oh no! Have I actually started to like the K anime project ! It feel so wrong.

Until now, I've treated the K anime like an oddball creation with a sole purpose of pleasing me visually. The story has had potential from day one and the concepts/ideas surrounding the series are some of the most interesting ones this season, but it's not plot driven.

That said, four episodes in you'll get used to that odd mix of comedy and plot. The comedy in particular was great and that confession scene had me in tears. I would like to see something more serious at times (like at the end of this episode) but it's not a big issue since that has become K's style. As enjoyable as the comedy was, luckily the episode had more to offer.

Finally there was some advancement in the mystery surrounding Shiro and the murderer on the video. A part of me always knew that this case wouldn't be solved as easily as that, so I was prepared for the new developments that occurred and I'm thankful that there has been some advancement in this part of the plot.

Shiro and Co were very much the centre of attention this episode after having rather uneventful roles in the previous episode. This is a perk afforded to series such as the K anime project and closely resembles that of Durarara!! and it's one of the reasons I keep watching the series. The way that we get to see a few moments for each group in every episode coupled with the ever-changing focus is a selling point of the series.

The end was the serious point in the episode and it has extended the mystery even further. I do like that with the other groups making a move, there is possibility of something more interesting to develop and for some aesthetically perfect fight scenes to take place. What I want to see is good use of the extensive cast in the next episode.

So the K anime project is actually getting better! It still isn't the best series this season - not even close - but there is definite improvement as the story is progressing.