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Though it may not seem like it, there was a delay in me writing a review for the K anime project's third episode. For a series that built up a lot of hype over the past 6 months or so, the K anime isn't doing a good job in keeping me interested.

After the second episode I was confused. Why an original series would willingly give up one of its 13 episodes for no plot progression, no character introductions/development or anything remotely appropriate is beyond me. The third episode however solves that mystery.

If I didn't think it before this episode, this K anime project was clearly meant to be style over substance to its very core. It's as if, the episode wants to deliver us some more information about the plot and characters but it ends up focusing on looking stylish and sleek, which then makes me forget what this anime is actually about.

We do learn some things about the characters, their gangs and the Kings that rule this particular city however none of that really registers when your watching something pretty damn convoluted. Anyway, the plot revolving around a reversed version of a monarchy (UK) can be interesting, but something tells me that understanding it won't be as simple. As someone who lives in the UK, I found the idea of the Prime Minister having to do everything at the King's whim a little amusing and I still think there is potential for the story to become something decent.

Prior to it airing, I thought that K was going to resemble Gangs of New York and I still believe it can. The use of the word clansmen and the different characteristics of each gang has something to do with that but the idea of gangs fighting for their king gives the story an interesting twist which contributes to its potential. If only we could see something like this, it would really get me more invested.

It's as if there is a plot right on the tip of the tongue, but it refuses to be said. In lieu of any rational development we get a lot of focus on that Skateboarder dude and then some attention is given to Shiro and his continuous not-so struggle to delay his execution at the hands of Kuro. If I had to guess, it looks like K is taking a leaf out Durarara!! when it comes to storytelling but it doesn't do it well.

This episode is not helping my opinion of the series thus far.....one more episode or should I stop bothering with the series