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Funny how in just one episode the word Jormungand has been mentioned more times than in the entire series.

Fun titbit aside, it really feels like the whole of season one and a good chunk of Jormungand: Perfect Order were all for this moment. Koko has snapped and is just plain loco at this moment in time. Is her behaviour not what we were expecting

We always knew about Koko's crazy tendencies were there. She wouldn't hesitate to take down anyone and her aptitude was always at the apex of the cast of Jormungand. Just watching the first half of the episode, we could see her "mad scientist" side taking over her personality and with that came a little bit of ruthlessness. She really has got to the point of not caring about anyone but her crew.

The big shock was her crossing that line which Jonah won't accept. Jonah's role as Koko's anchor is finally being called into play, regardless if it'll be effective or not. This was the first time that Jonah took a firm stance against Koko, leading to possibly the most emotionally confusing stand-off we've ever seen in Jormungand.

Koko has preached everything from world peace to child security nationwide, in efforts to educate Jonah about how silly the world is. Regardless, Jonah still loves the world and that's where him and Koko can't see eye to eye. A dilemma as old as time itself: sacrifice few for the sake of the greater good.

This would be fine, if Koko hadn't lost it completely. Calling herself greater than god only reaffirms how out of control; she should know it took The Beatles decades before their statement came true. The unsettling part about Koko's derailment, is how it came about so quickly. Not in the least bit unexpected, just zooming by at uncontrollable speeds.

Jormungand's final episodes are bringing it. Slowly but surely, we're heading towards complete devastation in the best possible way.