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After such an amazing arc, as with most series, we get a cool down in order to transition into the next arc.

You can tell how much Jormungand: Perfect Order has changed compared to the first season, just because of this episode. The episode was almost like a recap episode with plot progression occurring at a slower rate than the first few episode. Unlike the flashback episode of last season, the recaps didn't do anything new but I for one was still drawn in by the episode.

Jonah and Kasper's relationship is one of those added bonuses in the world of Jormungand. Almost love hate - Jonah hates, Kasper loves the hatred towards him - the relationship is almost business-like. Neither party likes or respects each other, but because of existing contract between them they are forced to exchange pleasantries. Incidentally, this is one of the few moments where Jonah's maturity really shines through.

Jonah's situation as always left him as an amalgam character, much like how a child soldier plucked out of his own country would assimilate into a more protective society. For the most part of the series we've seen him act his age on more than one occasion, thanks to Koko's involvement and here we get to see him unfathomably mature. The moment where he said it was enough to just see their fine was reminiscent of any movie involving a character protecting those he loves from the the shadows. A moment of sympathy for him.

As I've mentioned, Jonah and Kasper's talks weren't the only thing that happened in the episode. Preparations for the upcoming arc started with Kasper's crew taking out an unknown person with diplomatic ties meanwhile a a certain girl kept popping up in between scenes. Oddly enough I don't remember it being quite like this in the manga, so it maybe that we're going to see some anime original content for the first time.

This new arc will most probably offer more focus on Tojo, which is a nice change. Hopefully each member of Koko's crew will have some focus on them before the series wraps up. Jormungand is scheming something big once more and the anticipation is going to kill me.