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When I wrote last week that this season of Jormungand was already better than the first, I never realised how premature that statement was. After this episode, it goes without saying how much better Jormungand Perfect Order is.Guns, high octane action, redemption and vengeance. What could possibly make an action series better than a careful combination of all these elements

Whilst some may consider the climax to the to Hex arc to be premature, I thought it didn't take away from the joy I got from watching this episode. True, there could have been more build-up and yes the conclusion of the gun fight didn't have to occur within the episode but that is just WHITE FOX animating the source material panel for panel. Regardless of there not being a climax in this episode, the episode itself contained the climax and the conclusion which wasn't all bad.

The fight scenes took the centre stage in the episode, with plenty of backstage help being provided with the already established plot. In a way they were also a trigger for Koko's breakdown, another moment of weakness in which we see her character in a different light. This continued development of Koko's character is arguably one of the new highlights of the season of Jormungand after one season of pure domination. That still didn't stop Koko from having a moment of spine-chilling dominance at the end when she ordered Hex's execution. Koko is still mysterious and that's fine because she comes across as very vulnerable or as R described it, "Like any other girl her age."

The episode as a whole had a lot of Western themes behind that made me feel more in tune with the series. The ending in particular had an odd touch of irony in that Hex was hiding out in the caves like a terrorist before she killed herself in order to avoid death at the hands of Koko. An ironic end to a "patriotic" character which was then followed by R's funeral, another part of the episode that had some Western significance. Depending on how much US TV or Cinema you watch, you may or may not understand the significance of alcohol on the grave. Everything from "pour some for our fallen homies" to leave a bottle just screams American way to pay respect. I thought it was quite cool minor detail.

Simply put, Jormungand is on fire. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Koko and there is much more to be unearthed as the story winds down, but at this moment the series is delivering higher quality each week. Remember when I said Jormungand season one was great That was bullshit. Jormungand Perfect Order is what is truly great and shows no signs of slowing down.