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Right until the penultimate episode, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure keeps doing what it has always done.

Instead of trying to come up with anything insightful to say about this episode - I'm tapped out - I thought I'd summarize in a way that's befitting JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's style of craziness and borderline nonsense.  Just bear with me:

"And so Cars came back from the grave.  Reborn a man of the animals, brandishing a killer squirrel in one hand whilst sprouting wings in order to chase his prey.  Hardly the best of news for our young hero, who fled at the first sight of the immortal being.  Joseph was one without any shame, willing to run if need be.  Nevertheless, he was not a coward.
His temporary retreat was but a stall for time.  Joseph never thought of actual escape but rather a method to bring down his foes, time and time again.  This time the plan would call for a German air plane, and an Italian volcano.  His plan was set, however things wouldn't go so smoothly.  The great immortal Cars would soon unleash his wrath in the form of a school of piranha, as he longed to avenge the death of his brothers in arms.  Cars' lust for revenge blinded him as he feel into the simplest of traps set up by Joseph.  Any other day the trap would have been futile - today was no exception - however a last-minute assist from Stroheim sealed the fate of the immortal being and plunged him into the volcano.
Had this been any other opponent, victory would have been sealed.  Tis a grave misfortune for Joseph since the man he's against is no ordinary man.  This immortal man may have what it takes to survive the magma and attack one more time."  

Not much I can say, that I haven't already.  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure had an eventful penultimate episode, with a nice array of ridiculous events to keep us as entertained as ever.  The episode was the usual fun, with an ending that's ready to settle the story once and for all.  Cars will survive to fight one more round and then we can bring the epic tale of the Joestar lineage to a, hopefully, temporary ending.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 26 Preivew

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