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Don't tell me you couldn't have guessed that?

After the previous episode's action-packed events, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure pumps the brakes for one last time.  Oddly enough, doing so involves focusing on Lisa Lisa whilst building up to the final stage where JoJo will take on his arch nemesis Wham!

So, she's related to JoJo in some capacity? Well that was to be expected.  Nevertheless, this was the first time where Lisa Lisa actually had more to do as a character compared to the rest of her screen time.  In some ways, the macho/sexist atmosphere JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has because of the era it's set in, has made her role very forgettable.  That's not the case here, as she showcases her talents with style and class.  As for the photo, that's for another episode.

Aside from the sweet moves and stances of Lisa Lisa, there wasn't much else to this episode.  For the final build-up, we're focused solely on the mano-a-mano about to go down.  JoJo is getting pumped up to take on Wham! and Lisa Lisa has somehow ended up facing Cars.  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure dictates that we need an over-the-top setting to allow for an even crazier fight so, in response to that, we get Vampire Chariot racing.  Sounds about right!

The final battle should comfortably last the remaining five episodes and give us something exhilarating.  There are no more breather/slow episodes left in the series, and we're about to see a fight that'll do JoJo's Bizarre Adventure proud right until the end.   If the episode had one job to do, it was to get us excited for the next episode; it think it did just that.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 22 Preview

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This preview can be summed up by the repetition of the chant: "WHAM! WHAM! WHAM" Can you guess why?