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When you have a series based on fate, a bout of deja vu was bound to occur at some point.

Much like how the first generation of Zeppeli went out swinging, Caesar follows not far behind him.  A fate that was inevitable, it didn't change how emotional and dramatic the episode ended up.  Much like the episode where the first Zeppeli died.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure makes use of fate as a plot tool in possibly one of the best ways.  We don't see it as some kind of unifying plot thread, but a simple tool to celebrate the manliness of its cast.  The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure crew has been anything but boring, even plain crazy, but at the end of the day they are mostly men of honour.  Even the second, rowdier generation have retained some class from their grandparents.

Though we were only introduced to Caesar for a short time, he will be missed.  Unlike Will Zeppeli, Caesar played a bigger role in the series, making his exit that much more dramatic.  Unlike his grandfather, he was actively involved in almost every aspect of this saga as opposed to being quiet and then sacrificing himself.  For that, it makes perfect sense that he had a final battle with a chance of winning instead of just an obvious sacrifice.  Just by skipping out on the usual Roundabout ED, the extra minutes really allowed for the drama to sink in.

Caesar was undoubtedly the star of the episode.  He took up most of the screen time, had an exciting science-based battle against Wham and then came to his death.  I really can't say much else about the episode.  By now I hope I've made my feelings about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure clear; it's great and it continues to be fun to watch.  The final arc is now upon us and we're in for some action-packed episodes to finish off JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.