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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure makes a mockery of all other shonen battle series. This is how you truly do training!

You remember watching those shonen battle series You know, the ones with rather long training arcs. Not only were those training arcs long but they were also riddled with whiny protagonists who just didn't get it. This episode is the exact opposite of all that. No whiners, no ridiculous length. One episode in which JoJo and Caesar train like their life depends on it.

It only makes me laugh that much more seeing them go through their training. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure prides itself with the manliness of its characters, so they deserve an equally manly training regiment. None of this whining we see in other struggling protagonists, only deathly training as instructed by the teacher Lisa Lisa.

As I said, this was no ordinary training episode. It condensed what could have taken episodes into just one. Not to mention, it condensed the WHOLE training Caesar and JoJo go through with trainers Loggins and Messina into the end credits. Pretty ingenious if you ask me; we only want action!

This did mean the episode as a whole was uneventful. With the training taking up 90% of the time, there was no more room for anything else. Even JoJo's Bizarre Adventure needs a transitional episode here and there, which is pretty much what this episode was. I for one admire the lack of focus on the training itself - painful memories of shonen battle anime.

Since the month has passed by, it'll be back to the action next episode. One thing I've learned from my experience with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure; the series hates to omit action for more than one or two chapters. I guarantee that aspect has carried over. All the more reason to accept this transitional episode as a stepping stone for the final battle!