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Makeshift dentistry and Nazi world dominations plots. Have I mentioned how crazy and amazing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is

If Part I of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was all about Dio vs JoJo, good vs bad, then Part II is all about the action. It doesn't matter who it is, this generation's JoJo is here to beat the shit out of all those who stand against him. His personality is just perfect for the senseless amount of fun the second part of the story is having.

Take this episode. It was all about the action, with minimal plot progression. The plot progression that we did see, almost feels like a fast-forward moment to the next part of the story, and I am completely fine with that. As I've mentioned, we had the great battle of one's life with Jonathan Joestar, so Joseph's no holds barred arc is just the breath of crazier fresh air I love.

There's a certain comedy element to Joseph's style that I remember being exclusive to Part II of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. A little bit of slapstick thrown in, like what you'd see in Gintama; I realise the voice actor did that series as well, but there's still a sillier feel to it. Part I also had its share of comedy, although I'd say that was more crazy and bizarre. Comparing the two: Part I was about kneeing dogs and Par II is about running away and get slapped for hitting on a girl.

Now we're moving onto some Nazi bashing fun! A personal favourite of mine, since I love fiction involving Nazi enemies with a sub-plot of world domination. More of guilty pleasure than anything else, however when it comes to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure it's perfect as a new direction in the plot.

As usual JoJo's Bizarre Adventure provides with great entertainment for the weekend. Love the action - great change of pace from Part I - and it looks like there's more of it to come.

Final Note: The new OP is good, though I prefer the first one.