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Twists and turns in Hunter x Hunter, I wonder whether their new friend is on their side or against them?

Pirates × And × Guesses

Gon, Killua, Bisky and the 12 others in their 15 man team reach Soufrabi, and have a sports battle against the 15 pirates out of which one of them is a special person! One of the pirates is a real person and do you remember when the Spiders tried to come onto the Greed Island by crossing the seas in the real world and got sent back by someone? It is the one and the same person!

Gon and his team have a battle against the 15 pirates but they have to win 8 battles; and since everyone apart from Gon, Killua and Bisky would lose they used this as a recon exercise and acquired intelligence on the enemy. I wouldn't say this was the best recon exercise by any means, especially since the team broke up soon after. They seem to think Genthru won't be able to get the Patch of Shore at all, however I think it would be easy for Genthru to threatened 12 more people to join his group via his time bomb technique!

But let me get back to their new friend, well he isn't really a new friend. But they go in search of Chrollo Lucifer and find Hisoka, but how was he already on their book list? They haven't seen him, so he must have seen them and met them without their knowledge. Also  Killua quickly catches onto Hisoka's plan, Hisoka is killing time while waiting for the Nen disperser to reveal himself. If you remember in episode 65 when the bomber detonate's his bombs but Abengane uses a Nen dispersing skill to create this Nen creature that devoured the bomb? Abengane is the person Hisoka is waiting to find, and he knows he is on this island. Killua has figured out pretty much half the story, as he knows that Hisoka has met the other troupe members, but Killua doesn't know that Hisoka is waiting for Abengane to reveal himself and that Chrollo's rebirth is not going to be too far away. (Oh I haven't read the manga so I don't actually know if that will happen or it won't!)

Hunter x Hunter - 69 Preview

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Looks like Gon and Killua are going to fight Tsezguerra, and hopefully he joins their team. I can't wait to see this final battle against the 15 Pirates. I wonder if the leader of the pirates knows Jin. Luckily the next episode airs tonight. Sorry for the late review!