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Everyone apart from the Genthru and Tsezguerra groups on Greed Island in Hunter x Hunter have assembled to plan a strategy against the number one group close enough to defeat the game, little did they know the actual secret behind him until today.

The number one group is run by Genthru the bomber and his 2 minions who are sub-bombers. Everyone is going after different cards but two groups are after the #2 card in the book. This card is one of the rarest and if they can monopolise it then the Bomber group can't finish the game. But I wonder about the strength of this make-shift group, and whether they have a spy in their midst. It seems like the Bomber has already has planted bombs on them, so if one of them had the #2 card wouldn't it be easy for the Bomber to threaten them with death for the card? Or even kill them and then do the mission for the card himself? Hopefully Gon, Killua or Bisky will get the card since I think they are the only real viable option for defeating the Bomber. And with Gon's special pendant they can't use any magic on him apart from Lush, so he'd be the safest bet to hold the card if they procured it.

It seems like there are only 3 groups left; the Bomber group, the Tsezguerra group and the 15 member group that  Gon & co are part of. And the Tsezguerra group and Gon's alliance group are both in Soufrabi trying to obtain the number 2 ranked card. The whole pirate invasion quest reminded me of One Piece (which I haven't seen in ages, maybe it is time to catch up on that whole series?).

To get information on the 2nd rank card they need to kill the Razor and the other 14 pirates, the interesting thing is the 15 versus 15 formation here. And so the episode ends with the Hunters entering the pirate den!