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Training arcs aren't usually fun, but Hunter x Hunter finds a way to make them.

With the training arc under way, we're in for a (semi) long detour in the arc.  The good news is, that even training arcs in the series show progress in the main plot as well as being very entertaining to watch.  And with a character like Knuckle, it's all the more fun.

Knuckle is a typical old-school Togashi character.  By that I mean he's a loveable delinquent type, easy to turn into a friend yet still powerful as an enemy.  This episode was his proper introduction, after the brief stint as the idiotic challenger.  Though still an idiotic challenger - would you have it any other way? - he becomes a friend of Gon's in manner traditional to shonen manga and anime.  Now our nice new friend is going to play an important role in advancing Gon and Killua's strengths as we move ahead in Hunter x Hunter's story.  He might have been knocked out in this episode but he proves himself a strong fighter towards the end.

Meanwhile back in Ant land, we're continually being teased about the upcoming battles.  Netero, Knov and Morales keep appearing for brief instances as they carry out their hunt.  We have yet to see any real action from the trio, though these sparse appearances are keeping them in our minds as we get closer to the inevitable battles.  To go alongside their hunt, we're still being kept in the dark about Neferpitou and her plans to resurrect Kite.

Neferpitou remains plenty intimidating, as she should.  With a strong veil of mystery surrounding her, levels of anxiety are rising at the prospects of what she could do.  Only furthered by the brief glimpse of her nen and human experimentation, you get the feeling her entrance into battle will be a significant moment in the story.  That won't be for quite some time, yet it still fuels the desire to see a clash.

That'll have to wait.  Next up is Shoot's turn to enter Hunter x Hunter officially.  Trust me when I say, he's considerably different from his fellow disciple.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 88 Preview

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