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Just a friendly reminder of the food chain in Hunter x Hunter.  A dark and twisted food chain indeed.

I've said before and I'll say it again: we're going down a long, dark road without so much as a pen-sized flash light. Each week, Hunter x Hunter brings with it more of the dreaded atmosphere we've come to love so much and this week it brought it in spades.  To be expected from the introduction of Neferpitou, the first of the Royal Guard.

The much-anticipated introduction of the Royal Guard is off to a terrifying start, trouncing most of what we've seen thus far in the arc.  That's not to say the arc wasn't already in deep dark waters in terms of atmosphere, but rather that it dove deeper into said waters after it introduced the psycho-cat who operated brain surgery on Pokkle.  A moment that gave me plenty of chills and possibly some nightmares for the next few days.

Just the introduction was enough this week.  Aside from this, we were once again reminded of the brutal food chain that's been in place from arc to arc and it perhaps fits this arc the best.  Obvious reason is that the arc's antagonists are actual beasts and the plot has been one of bizarre and thought-provoking evolution.  More than that though, it's a return to the hierarchy of power after taking a break for Greed Island that indirectly contributes to the heavy atmosphere.

Speaking of which, the sense of foreboding is still alive and well.  As Hunter x Hunter chips away at the road ahead, there's still plenty of uncertainty.  We can only guess how things could get even more dire for the humans in this situation and how that'll translate to Gon & Co. in the not so distant future.  Whatever may happen, it'll most likely be a messy affair.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 85 Preview

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