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The teasing continues........

Getting there slowly seems to be the MO of this arc, as Hunter x Hunter continues to progress through the story whilst keeping the impending sense of doom.  As we get closer to the climax of the arc, we see the Hunter Organisation making its move with Netero taking the lead and we continue to learn about the peril our protagonists are bound to face in the foreseeable future.

That's the first part of the episode, much like a few other from this arc.  What makes the wait worth it, is us learning about the situation and more about Kite as opposed to just having episodes of continued build-up and suspense.  At the centre of this is Kite, who continues to make observations about Gon that keep painting the picture of how different this arc will end up being.  What he astutely points out is that Gon may not be able to kill the enemy if he sees them as humans, which is becoming more and more the case - as Kite points out, the ants have become more like individuals and forsaken their animal bond.

Gon may be the integral part of these observations, but there's more than just him.  Hunter x Hunter continues to keep the plot just the right level of complicated as the attention shifts to Rammot, Peggy and Colt's discovery of Nen to go along with Kite's bad feeling.  With that in mind, the action in the episode acts as a distraction of sorts, taking attention away from the bigger picture.  That, and establishing Kite's overwhelming power level.

We're still learning about his power, little by little.  We have yet to see all of his Crazy Slots but the one we get to see this episode is plenty powerful and makes the prospect of seeing the rest even more exciting.  A scythe that can take out that many ants fits him to a T.  It's a deadly weapon associated with death that he's made into a very understated weapon, which is Kite's personality as one of the cooler characters of Hunter x Hunter.

With the build-up continuing, you can just imagine what will happen when things start to move quickly.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 84 Preview

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