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You ever get the feeling that you're about to go down a dark and dangerous road? That's what each episode of Hunter x Hunter's Chimera Arc is suggesting.

I realise that Hunter x Hunter has always been in darker waters compared to other series (especially of the shonen action variety) but even so, we're building up to something with a bigger sense of dread.  The Chimera Ant arc continues at a slow pace but all the foreshadowing and build-up only adds to impending doom the characters will inevitably face.

This episode gives us our first taste of action for the arc.  We may have already seen Pokkle and a few others put up a fight against the creatures, though nothing really wets the appetite like seeing Gon and Killua show off their skills.  A short fight against Rammot with no conclusion, and what's more it works.  It shows that this arc's enemies are going to be a lot stronger and with no training arc in sight - Greed Island offered a lengthy one - it's safe to assume Gon and Killua are going to be put to the test.  They deal a fair bit of damage to Rammot but we all know there are bigger and more powerful fish to fry.

Going back to the foreshadowing, we see some interesting developments amongst the ants.  As you'd expect, the ants are start to exercise their individuality and no longer share the common goal of serving the Queen of the colony.  A trait we can assume they've inherited from the human DNA and one that'll only cause more rifts and conflicts for them, leading to a more complex plot.  With this developing plot, it could become difficult to distinguish the good from the bad especially with a character like Colt hanging around.  His existence will play an important role in future episodes, and gives Hunter x Hunter more of that ambiguity when distinguishing good from bad.

Like I said: all build-up and foreshadowing.  Not much actually happens in the episode and not much actually has to.  The arc is taking its time to get to the turning point, and in the mean time we're getting an opportunity to get sucked into the dangerous new situation our main characters find themselves in.  Slowly but surely we're chipping away at the story and next week that'll carry on with Kite's slot machine.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 82 Preview

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