So the full interview can be read by clicking on the link below and all credit goes to ANN for supplying us with it:


Not much was discussed in detail during the interview but it's always nice when a Japanese mangaka takes time to visit the US and give his/her English speaking fans some attention.

You also have to admire how even Hiro Mashima is left in awe with the Fairy Tail anime. Something I would not have expected to hear from a professional manga artist but that only reminds us how much of an effect an anime can have on our whole manga experience and in this interview's case I felt even more impressed by Mashima's humility and willingness to admit that the anime is fun to watch because he is unable to really bring that much vivid detail to the action scenes.

The interview also explores how Mashima's brain works and his personal values but frustratingly enough there is no new info on the upcoming Fairy Tail movie!