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Things definitely got interesting in this episode of Majestic Prince.  About time, if you ask me.

While I can appreciate the calm and enjoyable pace and style the series has adopted, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want any more excitement.  A task that became hard with the introduction of the gender-unknown Ange - that seems to be the new running gag - but is now present in this episode's second half.  We'll get to that in a little while.

Even so, Majestic Prince maintains its course.  The series is just over halfway through and it still does what it does well.  A first half consisted entirely of comedy (while showing off Ange's prowess) is proof that the series refuses to rid itself of its comedy and continues to mix it in with the more serious developments of the main plot.  Ange's wins over Team Rabbits were a nice distraction for the first half, until we got to Izuru's meeting with Theoria.

I'm still not sure what to make of this relationship, but I must admit the romance isn't really there.  At this point I'd have expected a few more hints and a little more development, but we haven't had that.  Instead it feels like a friendship and a way for Izuru to try to reach into his past.  Maybe it's the optimist in me, but I can't deny the possibility of Kei still having a shot.  However small that may be, it's hard to give the win to Theoria just yet, even with Izuru's performance in this episode.

As for the second half; that was some exciting action.  Something Majestic Prince hasn't perfected was the action, but in this episode there was a healthy dose of excitement thanks to it.  It seems like the best action is still in the fights between Izuru and Jiart, and this being the second time round, we got a level up in this fight.  Finally putting the 'harmonic level reader' to use, we got an equally entertaining fight the second time round.

Now it should be said, that this can't be done too many times.  It explains why Majestic Prince's battles aren't solely centred around Jiart and Izuru and it shows the series showing restraint from powering its characters up too many times.  We may not see another power up until the very end now - at least with Izuru - and that should be fine, because this one was good enough to establish the limits of power.  As for the others, it remains to be seen. Kei and Asagi are still struggling and even if Tamaki and Suruga are doing well, they don't give off the impression of leveling up any time soon.  Should this be something exclusive to Izuru, things wouldn't get unnecessarily complex.

Following the formula, next episode will be another breather.  This is Majestic Prince's MO; one fight, one recuperation.  By the looks of the preview, Izuru won't be in any immediate danger but more should come to light.

Majestic Prince Episode 15 Preview

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