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It's far from the best, but Majestic Prince is one of the more enjoyable anime of this season.

With the third episode of this series, I'm sure of one thing: Majestic Prince is a lot of fun.  It continues to be a parody-esque mecha series, dolling out laughs at every opportunity and not getting boring.  If after three episodes I continue to find amusement in this series, there's merit in keeping a series like this around.

The comedy and overall fun made this episode enjoyable, but it wasn't actually the best part of the episode.  On the contrary.  It was in fact the more serious side to Majestic Prince that made this episode quite pleasant to watch.  Furthermore, it proved the series could do more than just provide laughs.

Since the first two episodes immediately lunged our young protagonists into active duty, we haven't been given the chance to learn more about them.  With just the knowledge of their names we've seen them succeed and fail, and that doesn't really tell us much about them.  In this episode, we get to understand them a little better before we make any more progress with the story.

It shouldn't come as a shock that Team Rabbit is struggling with the transition from school kids to televised heroes/special forces.  That much is obvious, so an episode addressing their feelings should be expected and it was just that.  What was unexpected was how well and maturely this was handled in this episode, especially the dinner scene involving Izuru and Kei.

Perhaps more than anyone, Izuru carries the biggest burden as both the captain and the aspiring hero which unfortunately isn't going as planned.  Izuru is often mocked by his team mates, but they are team mates nonetheless and Kei providing support was proof of that.  This may be the first of a number of episode where we see Team Rabbits helping each other out, which would certainly bring some more depth to the series; definitely a nice change of pace, if that's the case.

For now I'm just happy Majestic Prince is showing us more than what I was expecting.  Even by taking it slow this episode, there was plenty of material to get excited about and not just the action at the end or the second cameo appearance of a pink-haired bishojo; presumably she'll be properly introduced later.

Ginga Kikouta: Majestic Prince Episode 04 Preview

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