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Something new finally happens in the latest episode of Diabolik Lovers.  Of course, this “awakening” goes as unexplained as virtually everything else in this series.

This episode starts off with a blood-sucking scene rather than waiting until the end of the episode to focus on that.  It’s a rather long scene, though, between Shu and Yui, in which Shu bites her five separate times and mocks her between bites.  What’s new, right?

What’s worth mentioning about this scene, though, is that the Sakamaki brothers keep mentioning somewhat cryptic things about Yui’s blood when they bite her.  They’ve either mentioned it being strange, tasting familiar or, in this case, changing.  This apparently has something to do with the “awakening” that occurs in this episode (which I’ll talk about in a moment).

Richter finally shows himself to Yui in this episode, in order to “answer her questions.”  According to Richter, Yui’s father had nothing to do with sending her to the Sakamaki house.  Honestly, though, I don’t know how much of that we should believe.

Apparently, the “awakening” I mentioned earlier is that Yui gets possessed by Cordelia.  There’s absolutely no explanation as to how or why this happens, but apparently Richter has been waiting for this for a while.  My question at this point, though, is whether or not this is literally Yui’s only purpose in this anime.  Does she only exist in Diabolik Lovers (from a writing standpoint) simply to become a vessel for Cordelia?  Is she really not even worth being her own character?  That’s the impression I’m going to be under unless Yui herself comes back somehow and ousts Cordelia from her body.

Perhaps the one interesting development out of this is the reaction it causes.  The Sakamaki brothers seem able to sense that Cordelia has possessed Yui, even though none of them are present when this happens.  Ayato’s reaction is particularly interesting.  I’m wondering if he’s starting to actually have feelings for Yui…y’know, other than seeing her as nothing more than food.  At the end of the previous episode, he lay down in bed with Yui and didn’t try to bite her.  And in this episode, when he senses that something has happened, he runs to Yui’s room and barges in looking for her, seeming worried that she’s not there.

I suppose the main question this brings up for me is this: are any of the Sakamaki brothers even capable of caring for anyone other than themselves?

Diabolik Lovers Episode 10 Preview

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(As a note: it’s possible that events are explained much better in the otome game that this anime is based off of.  However, I’m reviewing this anime on its own because, let’s face it, a story should be able to stand on its own, regardless of what it’s based on.  Leaving out explanations assuming that viewers have played the game is foolish because anime reaches a much wider audience than otome games do.  So I’m judging the Diabolik Lovers anime based on its own merits apart from the game.)