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Another episode of Diabolik Lovers falls tragically short in its attempts at explanation.

So was there a reason that Ayato, Raito, and Kanato killed their mother Cordelia?  Or did they just sort of feel like it?  Because that’s lame.  I hate that Diabolik Lovers never explains anything.  It’s just like “Whelp, they’re sadistic jerks.  We don’t have to explain anything that they do beyond that.”

I mean, I appreciate the background.  I appreciate that they’re at least making an effort to explain things.  But they only explain the bare minimum, which then leaves dozens of unanswered questions.  Why did Ayato, Raito, and Kanato kill their mother and burn her remains?  What happened to Subaru’s mother?  And what about Reiji and Shu’s mother?  What part does Richter play in all of this?

And let’s not forget about the fact that we still don’t know precisely why Yui’s adoptive father sent her to the Sakamakis’ house in the first place.  Yes, she’s supposed to be a “sacrificial bride” or whatever, but what exactly does that mean?  What purpose does she serve for them?  What does her adoptive father get out of the deal?

Finally, I’m personally still waiting for Yui to get some characterization.  I’m getting really tired of the damsel in distress who can’t do anything to change her position.  She’s literally just there at this point as a piece of meat who occasionally asks a question or two that moves the plot forward.  She doesn’t have any agency or voice.  Sure, she has a knife, but in this very episode she says she would never use it.  So what’s the point in her having it?  What’s the point in her saying no constantly when she’s either told to shut up or told to just take it or is simply overpowered?

At least the music in this episode makes it watchable.  The music during the flashback to Cordelia’s death is actually pretty awesome.  That I’m a fan of.  The attempts at plot development, though, are severely lacking.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 9 Preview

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