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In this episode of Diabolik Lovers, Yui receives two opportunities to change her situation.  And she turns both of them down.

I really don’t understand her character all that much, to be honest.  If she hates what’s happening to her so much, shouldn’t she take the opportunity to leave when Subaru offers it to her?  Remember that, so far, Subaru is the only one of the brothers who hasn’t bitten Yui yet, and since he doesn’t do so when they’re alone, she has every reason to trust him.  On top of that, he gives her his silver knife, with which she could kill any of the brothers by simply thrusting it into their heart.  Yet when Raito is accosting her minutes later, she doesn’t stab him.

This leads me to believe that she dislikes her predicament less than she voices.  It’s so difficult for me to believe that she’s not a masochist at this point.  She’s constantly putting herself in harm’s way, and in this episode she has two opportunities to change things (by either leaving the Sakamaki house or attacking the brothers), and she takes neither of them.  Most people feeling trapped would definitely take one of these opportunities, regardless of what kind of answers they thought they might get if they stayed trapped.

What I don’t understand is what the point of her character is supposed to be.  What message is she supposed to be sending to the viewers?  What moral are we supposed to get out of her story?

If Yui is going to stay with the Sakamaki brothers, despite her opportunities to leave in this episode, we’d better start getting some answers soon.  So far, Diabolik Lovers has been nothing but vampires biting a girl who barely puts up a fight.  We’ve gotten hints that she was sent there by the church, possibly directly by her adoptive father, a priest, who may have completely understood what situation he was sending her into.  She’s supposed to be some sort of sacrifice for the brothers, but there hasn’t been any explanation of what exactly that means.  And the brothers’ Uncle Richter has sown up a couple of times with basically no characterization other than being super mysterious.  Explanations about all of this definitely need to start coming soon, since the anime is now half over.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 7 Preview

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