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This may or may not be my last (episodic) post for Devil Survivor 2.

After four episodes, it becomes easier to pick and choose the series you want to give priority.  Out of all the series I'm covering, Devil Survivor 2 finds itself on the bottom of my list.  That's to say, whenever a new episode is released, I'm least excited when it's Devil Survivor 2.

With uneven quality from the get-go, this fourth episode made it clear just what's wrong with the series.  A problem which makes it hard to watch and write about: absurd pacing.  Just to be clear, this pacing issue isn't all that simple.  For one, it managed to make me think the episode was too slow and yet the story is moving too quickly.

How is that even possible?

Apparently, this is what happens when most of the episode barely advances the story and only at the end do we get sudden developments intended to progress the plot.  A move that makes you realise how uneventful, bordering on empty, the contents of the episode are.  Not to mention the endings make almost no impact, as if just appearing for the sake of it.

In short, Devil Survivor 2 isn't all that great.  Poor pacing can be blamed on what I assume to be an attempt to cram an entire game into a measly 1-cour production.  Even so, the story isn't moving in a direction I'm happy with.  It has embarked upon a journey of frequent deaths, teenage angst that's all too familiar and a mystery plot that's being made up as we go along.

A pity that Devil Survivor 2 didn't turn out better or as good as I'd hoped.  That'll most likely be the last you'll see me write on the series - withstanding a mind-blowing fifth episode -  though I'll most likely watch it to completion.  No promises on that either.

Devil Survivor 2 THE ANIMATION Episode 05 Preview

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