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As Date A Live winds down, the tone shifts from one of immediate physical danger from Kurumi to a more abstract mental and emotional danger from the possibility of losing Kotori to Efreet.

Reflective as always, Shido spends the opening of this episode thinking about the bombshells revealed at the end of the last episode: Kotori is a Spirit who may have killed Origami’s parents five years ago, and only Shido can save Kotori from being lost to her Spirit form within the next two days.

The swimsuit-shop scene is a typical scene out of a harem anime in which the girls interested in the main character constantly challenge each other in various ways.  It should be no surprise that in a swimsuit episode, the girls vying for Shido’s affection would have a competition to see who can turn him on more with various types of swimwear.  This scene is made even more ridiculous with Kannazuki’s commentary on the “swimsuit show” while it’s occurring.

Am I the only one who’s annoyed by the fact that anytime Shido starts barely remembering something, he either blacks out or is interrupted?  I mean, there’s only one episode left after this.  That doesn’t leave much time for him to remember stuff.  And why the heck is it that no one who knows about video footage, either from the AST or Ratatoskr, mentions it to anyone else?  The Ratatoskr waited until now to tell Shido about the recording of the day Kotori became a Spirit, and the AST captain Ryouko didn’t tell Origami that there was a recording of Efreet’s most recent appearance.  That seems like a little bit of an oversight, in my opinion.  Granted, it’s for plot purposes, to draw things out.

Since Shido and Kotori didn’t finish their date yet, I take it we’re just forgetting about Kurumi altogether in favor of focusing on Shido saving Kotori.  Which is fine, but it leaves way too many questions unanswered.  Does that mean we can expect another season of Date A Live?  I guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode to be able to accurately assess that possibility.