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Every time I feel like I’m about ready to give up on this anime, it gives me a reason to start caring again.

The exchange between Yoshino and Shido at the beginning of this episode of Date A Live was great.  Phenomenal.  Meaningful.  Why can’t more of this anime be like this?  Shido promising to be Yoshino’s hero was just perfect.  He can definitely be a great guy when he’s not taking Kotori’s advice.  (I do not understand how she ruins things so much…she’s a girl!  She should know what other girls really want to hear!)  Even Tohka didn’t annoy me as much this episode.

Shido goes to Tobiichi’s place to retrieve Yoshino’s puppet, Yoshinon.  Tobiichi is wearing a maid outfit for some reason…and is apparently jamming the radio signal between Shido and Kotori for some reason.  She pretty much forces herself on Shido, pinning him to the ground until he agrees to call her by her first name.  Then she goes to take a shower, returning in only a towel that barely covers a thing (you know, typical harem girl stuff).

All of this is redeemed by the conversation Shido has with Origami, though, about Spirits.  He tries to convince her to stop attacking Spirits and talk to them instead.  Of course, being the little military automaton she is, Origami can’t take his advice because she has to follow orders.

I’ll point out, as I’m sure I’ve done before, that the AST people lack logic.  They create so much more chaos by trying to destroy the Spirits than the Spirits do themselves just by appearing.  (I’m still waiting for some explanation as to why Spirits appear in the normal world and all that…there had better be an explanation of that eventually.)  I mean, there’s so much more destruction in this episode caused simply by the AST people shooting things or picking up an entire freaking building to throw it at Yoshino and her Angel.  Seriously.

Also, I’m wondering when the heck Kotori is going to explain everything to Shido.  Now we find out he has a “Spirit Force” (whatever the heck that means) that Kotori’s known about all along, and that she knows he can heal…so when are we going to find out what exactly he is or why he has these powers?  That would be nice.

Prediction for the next Spirit: she’s going to be hostile (as opposed to the nice ones we’ve seen so far).