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With each passing episode, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge continues to grow on me.  It has its faults, but it definitely knows its strengths.

Unlike many of the series I've blogged, Crime Edge has always been something of a puzzle when it came to my personal feelings.  I could appreciate a lot of its great qualities but I never felt any real attachment to the series.  As the episodes go by, I grow closer to forming a connection to it.  Something I'd hoped for and is becoming a reality, though I'm still not 100% sure why I like as much as I do.

The episode saw Crime Edge playing to its strengths.  I mentioned in my previous post(s) that the series was never going to succeed if it relied on its action.  The action is fine, but it isn't a strong selling point for the series.  Not to mention, when compared to other series it falls short on the action quite considerably.  Luckily, the staff seem to know what they're doing as they focus more on the timing of certain events - the Authors' appearance - as well as taking a look at the relationships.

Finding out the true nature of Ruka and Romio's relationship is a good example of that.  Seemingly unimportant, it's another addition to the variety of strange Author-Instead team ups.  It goes to reinforce the focus on relationships as opposed to the action which falls short, even with another turn to friendship from Ruka and Romio - some shonen clichés are unavoidable.

Of course when it comes to Crime Edge, no relationship has more importance that Kiri and Iwai's.  The one strand of purity - excluding one or two moments - in a sea of depravity, which is best summed up by the final scene of the episode.  A dance under the stars may not have any originality in the world of western romance media, however it does still bring some kindness and happiness to the series.  Plus it serves as a nice ending to what felt like part one of the story.

With the a budding romance in the works, Crime Edge will now move onto the next part of the story.  By the looks of it that should involve another appearance from a familiar face and one or two new ones.  Since we've run into Seigi once again, it would be nice to focus attention elsewhere.  Perhaps on the piano player and her instead, seeing as how Iwai may be developing a relationship with the piano player.

Still a solid series.  There's plenty of development ahead for us and it knows how to identify and amplify its strengths.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 07 Preview

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