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Ever heard of being blidsided My first impressions of Cuticle Detective Inaba can be summed up by that one word.

Being a mystery fan, I'm always on the look out for another good anime from that genre, so in anticipation of the Winter 2013 season I had my eye on Cuticle Detective Inaba. It looked quite interesting and colourful, with what looked like a mystery plot thrown in. Sadly I was mistaken.

The first episode of this series was mayhem. Comedy after comedy after comedy is what it turned out to be, and by the end of the episode I'd had enough. Simply put, too much is happening and that leads to not enough attention on the details which in turn produces a half-assed production.

Discounting my disappointment at the lack of mystery, I'm not sold on Cuticle Detective Inaba as a comedy series. I'll admit that the cast has some pretty colourful characters, of which the Goat is the best, but at times I found Inaba to be quite dull and generic.

I did in fact enjoy the comedy to a certain extent. What really stopped me from getting into it so much was a voice in the back of mind telling me that this will get old really quickly. The comedy, whilst fun, doesn't contain a modicum of originality that other series have displayed; the execution of it was good-ish for the most part but nothing noteworthy.

I so did not call this one......Damn ZEXCS and their inability to pick a winner! Well I guess I should admit that one of my higher anticipated anime of the season was a bust. Since I do think Cuticle Detective Inaba will have a mid-sized audience, I can't say it'll be ignored but it won't really be talked about by myself or many others.