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I don't if it's intentional or not, but I find myself laughing during each episode of Code Breaker.

This episode was just funny. If I didn't know any better, I would have guessed that the series is reverse harem based on this episode alone. Who wouldn't ! We're introduced to two new male characters who happen to have their own unique personalities and all of them are linked to Sakura in one way or another. Does that sound like anything other than a reverse harem

Until now Code Breaker has given the vibe of a school slice-of-life series with a supernatural subplot thrown in. This episode was almost all slice-of-life with the a little bit of supernatural thrown in there at the end, and oddly enough it works. As far as I can tell, the anime is taking a different approach than the manga and is delivering something humorous. Doubting whether it was intended or not may bear an unwanted answer, so for now let's assume it was.

As comedic as this episode was, it did have its more serious moments. I didn't really care for them because I find it hard to get emotionally invested in the series and there is also a case of this series being somewhat humorous, but the emotion is at least there. Toki's involvement in all of this was a little too generic for my taste and his character is one that I like. I personally found the over-the-top new guy, Heike to be more interesting.

The biggest flaw of this series continues to be the mix content from the manga with the original work. It works in the most basic way possible but at times there is just no synergy between the two, leaving a sense of dissatisfaction. A good example was this episode where the first action sequence just flopped and appeared like a waste of money. Aside from being too dull, it didn't make sense later on when we had a better display of beautifully animated action.

Code Breaker so far has been above average (just about), and in some ways its fun to watch. My biggest problem and worry is that the plot won't deliver because it's trying something strange and too complex for a 13 episode series.