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It's funny that after a semi-original second episode, Code Breaker goes back to the source material and adapts it faithfully. Well, Code Breaker does make me laugh....

The series' continued effort of adapting faithfully whilst creating an original plot continues smoothly though I'm sure fans of the manga are questioning how it'll turn out. What's interesting is that the chapters of the manga that have been animated thus far haven't surpassed the 10-15 chapter mark, which makes you wonder if pacing is going to be an issue with the remaining 10 episodes.

For me this episode didn't accomplish much at all. It was the same old same old, in that Sakura follows Ogami in an attempt to stop him from cremating wrongdoers all the while Ogami just ignores her. The dynamic works for me because of Sakura's naivety and Ogami's cold and indifferent demeanour, which funnily enough makes him more likeable than Sakura.

The ongoing mystery surrounding the Code Breakers is still ongoing but not enticing. There was a brief moment in the episode where a clash between two of them was beautifully animated, but that isn't happening often enough to make really enjoy the series. An appearance by one of them at the end was lacklustre also, though I doubt it was meant to be an exciting development when we saw him multiple times beforehand. With the appearance of the new Code Breaker Toki, there was some beautiful animation that I yearn to see more often.

Amongst all the averageness of this episode, one thing stood out to me for being wrong. I still don't know why there is so much focus on the school life of Sakura and Ogami. Sure any series that involves kids living in the real world with superpowers will have school scenes but there is just too much focus on the romantic comedy side of things.

I wanted to say something relatively positive about this episode, however it wasn't anything special. It was average and didn't really do anything worthy of mention, making me question what Code Breaker can accomplish with its remaining episodes.