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This episode of Brothers Conflict brings increased tension, exploding violence, and a confusing approach to helping Chi prepare for university exams.

With university exams coming up, Chi is obviously trying to focus on that.  But we all know that can’t happen in Brothers Conflict, as virtually all of the brothers who have confessed to her tell her not to worry about them while she’s preparing for her exams.  At the risk of sounding judgmental, they all seem very self-centered to be assuming she’s thinking about them at this point in time.  They seem to think they’re helping by telling her “not to think about us” at the moment, but that’s just causing her to think about them.  They really don’t understand her much at all.

Chi is actually using her own body to put distance between her and her brothers now.  For example, she physically pushes Kaname away from her during this episode.  It shows that she’s becoming more confident in her place in the family, confident enough to assert herself a bit more when it comes to her brothers’ advances.

I’m really disappointed in Iori’s part in this anime so far.  I feel like he should be getting a lot more characterization.  Thus far, he’s just the guy who tends the flowers and only conveys emotions through the language of flowers (which, honestly, the average person doesn’t understand anyway).  I would really like to see more of him as a character, more of his thoughts and feelings on the things going on in the family, and more of his thoughts and feelings about Chi.  If nothing else, his lack of characterization is more reason to pick up the light novels and give them a read.  (Which I plan to do if they are ever translated into English or I eventually learn more Japanese.)

It definitely seems like things are coming to a head in this episode.  The show is winding down, or winding up, perhaps, with the conflicts becoming more and more intense.  Almost every brother who has confessed to her thus far asks her for an answer (even if it “doesn’t have to be now”) in this episode, which leads me to believe the next couple of episodes will focus on Chi’s feelings about her place in the family or (potentially) as the girlfriend of one of the brothers.

Brothers Conflict Episode 12 Preview

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