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Chi gets some backstory and begins to doubt herself in this episode of Brothers Conflict.

It turns out Chi was adopted by her father, which was what shocked her so much at the end of the last episode.  That was definitely not what I was expecting.  Knowing Chi’s personality, though, it doesn’t surprise me all that much that this news hits her as hard as it does.

Natsume’s cats are named Tsubaki and Azusa!  How cute!  And just when it looks like Natsume is only interested in being a good big brother, he does what everyone else has been doing lately and kisses her…to which I have to say seriously, Asahina brothers, chill out!

It’s nice that Louis and Juli are finally being attentive to Chi and doing what the “Protect Chi Club” should be doing.  And it’s nice that she’s actually getting some of her feelings out in the open for once.  We get to see a little more of Chi’s personality in this episode.  A little more about how she feels about the conflicts surrounding her, particularly that she feels like the constant conflict is all her fault.  It’s interesting that she also feels unneeded, despite the fact that half of her new siblings have expressed romantic interest in her.

And then, in an even more shocking (or perhaps not so much) reveal, Louis isn’t blood-related to the rest of the Asahina siblings.  This is a good turn of events, though, because it puts Louis—one of the only siblings who isn’t romantically interested in Chi—in the unique position of helping her accept the fact that she’s adopted.  Perhaps this link (both being adopted) hints at why only the two of them can understand Juli.  (Just an idea.)

Human Juli was an interesting twist that’s also quite unexpected.  It’s nice to see his thoughts about everything other than him simply attacking any guy who looks at Chi the wrong way.  I think it’s also about time we get a little bit of Chi’s backstory, and there’s definitely a lot in this episode (although we could definitely use more).  I do hope we get to see her talk with her father about being adopted; it would be nice to see Rintarou’s view on things a little bit.

Things I’m hoping to see in the next episode: an explanation of what the heck Masaomi is talking about in the snippet after the credits of this episode, and Subaru (hopefully) talking to Chi again, because he hasn’t done so since he asked her to go out with him.

Brothers Conflict Episode 10 Preview

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