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The whole family finally comes together in the latest episode of Brothers Conflict.

This episode not only introduces the last two brothers, but also introduces Chi’s father and new mother.  I wasn’t expecting to meet either of them in this anime, let alone on their wedding day.  It was definitely an interesting and unexpected episode; the previews didn’t indicate in any way that there would be any focus on the wedding itself.

I was a little disappointed in this episode for a few reasons, though.  For one, I was sort of hoping for some explanation as to why Louis can understand Juli, but it was only revealed that he can without any sort of explanation.  Another issue (and this is a more personal one) is that Fuuto is hard to pin down.  He’s at the same time stand-offish when it comes to Chi and affectionate, although the latter generally seems to be more of a prank when it comes from him than anything else.  I can’t tell if he’s actually interested in Chi romantically, or just playing around with her.

Finally, I was expecting a confrontation between Subaru and Natsume in this episode, but it never came.  Now, honestly, since this episode was focused on their parents’ wedding, it’s probably a good thing that there wasn’t some big confrontation between two of the brothers.  On the other hand, the previous episode set us up for at least some kind of conflict…only to leave us hanging.  Subaru clearly has some hostile feelings toward Natsume trying to control his life or whatever, but the only interaction the two of them had in this episode was a glance.  I suppose the confrontation might come later in the series, but I personally don’t want to just be waiting for two of the brothers to fight the entire season.

For the sake of anyone who’s having a hard time keeping all the brothers straight, the following is a list of all the brothers (in order from oldest to youngest) and their occupations:

Masaomi – pediatrician
Ukyo – lawyer
Kaname – monk
Hikaru – novelist; crossdresses
Tsubaki – seiyuu (Azusa’s twin, Natsume’s triplet)
Azusa – seiyuu (Tsubaki’s twin, Natsume’s triplet)
Natsume – office worker at a video game company (Tsubaki and Azusa’s triplet)
Louis – beautician
Subaru – student; basketball player
Iori – student
Yuusuke – student
Fuuto – high school idol
Wataru – student

Brothers Conflict Episode 4 Preview

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