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How much blood can ninjas loose and still be fine at the end of an episode Apparently a lot.This weeks episode seems to be a lot more centred around Isanami. So following on from last weeks episode, you can definitely see things picking up this time round with more progression in the story line. Finally we get an explanation for Isanami's powers - well a little bit of info - and with the group having already reached Izumo, the story was able to move on especially with the appearance of a new and possibly main enemy; Date Masamune. I liked that Date only appeared at the beginning and the end of the episode, leaving us intrigued as to his power and allowing us to assume that he is the main villain of the series.

The jokes still keep flowing in this episode, but finally we get a break from all the Isanami based humour and get to see that she is actually a human being with other emotions rather than just being a Saizo obsessed moron. Even though the whole hairpin being a powerful charm follows the same idea of many different stories, it does raise the question as to whether Isanami will be able to learn control of this hairpin and possibly become one of the Brave10.

Fight scenes as usual were blood-filled and fun to watch, but if I'm being honest I didn't expect Hattori Hanzo to make his re-appearance so quickly and I completely forgot about the other bad guy (well woman) Oukatsu; I just assumed that Sasuke actually managed to kill her back in the second episode. It was nice to see that the story didn't take a turn for the worse by making Saizo powerful enough to take on Hanzo after only a one episode break but rather make it more humorous for now and future episodes by making Yuri - you know that weird feminine looking guy who Saizo could have killed in the previous episode - join in the battle, with his sole motivation being the possibility of fighting Saizo.

The end of the episode was quite nice, since we Masamune appearing out of nowhere to steal Isanami and to fully establish himself as the bad guy. The next episode seems to be Isanami-free (don't know how I feel about that) but it does seem to be centred a lot more on character development than story progression.